Kids to Love


Thank you and congratulations to our staff and customers for working together to raise $20,489 to donate to Kids To Love


Kids to Love & Landers McLarty Subaru

Landers McLarty Subaru has been in partnership with Kids to Love for 3 years. In total we have donated over almost $100,000 to the Kids to Love organization though sponsorship, donations and collection drives. It means a lot to our dealership to be a part of this organization because Kids to Love truly changes the lives of every foster child it comes into contact with. By supplying schools necessities, Christmas presents or even scholarships for higher education, Kids to Love is a powerful organization built on supporting the needs of foster children and hopefully placing foster children into permanent housing and we are blessed to be a part of this wonderful cause!

Stay Tuned for our next Kids to Love fundraiser!

About Kids to Love

The mission of the Kids to Love Foundation is to meet the needs of foster children while they wait for permanent homes.  Since 2004, the Kids to Love Foundation has directly impacted the lives of more than 100,000 foster children.
 Lee Marshall began the Kids to Love Foundation in 2004. Her crusade to care for these children started with a local TV segment in Huntsville, Alabama. Her "Kids to Love" reports introduce children who are waiting to be adopted.  This segment has featured 195 children and 185 of them have been moved out of foster care into a "Forever Family."

Kids to Love is not just another story to Lee. It is, quite literally, her life.  Lee is a former foster child who was adopted through the Tennessee Baptist Children's home in Memphis.  She feels blessed to have been placed with a "Forever Family" at a very early age and wants other foster children to experience the same love, stability and sense of belonging.

The ultimate goal of the Kids to Love Foundation is to find "forever families" for children who are waiting to be adopted. 

Kids to Love is a 501(c)3 approved foundation.  A Board of Directors oversees the foundation. Currently there are seven board members.
For additional information about the Kids to Love Foundation 
call 1-877-KIDS2LOVE or visit their website!