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Landers McLarty Community & Sponsorship

Landers McLarty Community & Sponsorship

The Frank Williams Promise
We Proudly Support the Communities of North Alabama!

Our GM and Managing Partner, Frank Williams, makes it  his mission to ensure that we support our local community. He promises to  partner with our community through various categories: Animal Welfare,  Community Involvement, Environmental causes and Local Events. All of us with  the Frank Williams team are proud and honored to have the  privilege to work and serve in our Huntsville, Alabama community! Check out our  Facebook page for photos of our various partnerships throughout the years and  stay tuned for new uploads!

Note: We are now at capacity for sponsorship requests until 2018. Please check back then for updated opportunities to be posted on this page.


Big Brothers Big SistersCASA
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Boys & Girls Club
  • Pending

Sponsorship Requests:

If you are interested in requesting a sponsorship, please note the following information.  Our model is to select yearly partners, so we can work together throughout the year on fundraisers and/or awareness building events for their organization.

Note: All of the sponsorship categories have reached capacity for this year, so we are closed for new sponsorships and no longer accepting requests until 2018.

At that point, we will open sponsorship back up to select our 2018 partners. At that time, we will start accepting sponsorship requests for any categories noted in the sections above with "Pending".

We currently do not accept sponsorship for the following:
  • Politically Charged events or organizations
  • Travel Expenses
  • Sponsorship that benefit one individual person, however, we would be more than happy to connect anyone in need with one of the organizations we support.

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